Growing up isn’t always easy and everyone has problems from time to time. It’s Good to Talk…

Sometimes all you need is to share how you feel with someone you can trust.

Are you in Immediate Danger?
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Is there anyone you can talk to about how you are feeling?

  • Maybe: Your parents or other relatives like Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents, close family friends?
  • Anyone at school – teachers, school counsellor, friends?
  • Anyone outside of school – sports coach, dance instructor, club leader, someone from within your faith community?
Talk To Someone
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If you don’t feel comfortable talking to someone who is close to you, there are other people who want to help you.

Your doctor

116 123


0800 1111


0808 808 8000

Our Generation

Tell Someone

Even if the person is someone you know.

Even if you think they are your friend.

Even if you love them.

Trust yourself to know when something is wrong.

If someone makes you feel unsafe, pressured or frightened, follow your instincts and seek help.

you can talk to us.

Our Generation


There are also plenty of ways you can help yourself to feel better.

Remember to ‘Take 5’ Connect, Take Notice, Give, Be Active, & Learn. There’s also loads of support, games, and stuff on this website.



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