Archie’s Adventures in Emotions

OUR Generation’s team at PlayBoard NI has launched a new children’s storybook titled Archie’s Adventures in Emotions.

The launch took place at Footprints Women’s Centre on 15th August, where children and parents enjoyed a special reading as well as free outdoor play activities and a visit from Amazon Jungle Show.

Archie’s Adventures in Emotions has been designed as part of PlayBoard’sSpaces to Be’ programme, and continues PlayBoard’s work through the OUR Generation Project to support children’s mental health and wellbeing.

The story has been beautifully illustrated by local artist Christine McCullough, and follows Archie Bear and friends on a jungle adventure as they explore feelings and emotions.

Accompanying the book is an activity pack, which contains flashcards to help promote emotional intelligence through play. These simple activities can be used at home by parents or by those working with children in groups or on a one-to-one basis. It’s hoped the new book will help equip kids with the skills to understand and manage their emotions in a fun and playful way.

Katherine Lindsay Dunlop is the Service Delivery and Development Co-ordinator within Playboard’s OUR Generation team. She explained that the relationship with Footprints began when they signed up for ‘Spaces to Be’ and that they’ve since collaborated through focus groups and a pilot session for the book.

She said:

“Using play-based activities, the pilot session gave PlayBoard opportunities to test drive the book and hear first-hand what the children liked and disliked, giving the team key insight into how to further develop the story and resource pack. Considering PlayBoard have never produced a children’s book before, there were lots of challenges along the way including selecting the best illustrator to bring the story to life, and Christine did a fabulous job!

“I would like to say a massive thank you to everyone involved in the development of the book including our funders, SEUPB, Footprints for supporting PlayBoard throughout, Christine McCullough for the beautiful illustrations, the OUR Generation team here at PlayBoard, but most importantly the children.”

Lisa Maclean, Chief Executive, Footprints Women’s Centre said:

“We have been working collaboratively with children from the Colin Area to promote positive play and build resilience through the ‘Spaces to Be’ programme, and the OUR Generation Project since 2022. The cross-community programme looks at diversity and difference, focusing on similarities and common goals. There was a gap in the market for a children’s emotional well-being resource and the children helped make this happen.”


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