Co-operation Ireland

As a partner, Co-operation Ireland will undertake outreach, engagement and relationship building activities with those communities and groups most affected by the legacy of the conflict,

  • victims & survivors
  • ethnic minorities
  • ex-prisoners/former combatants
  • youth at risk
  • displaced persons
  • Former members of the security services,

Our work will focus on connecting groups on a cross community and cross border basis based upon common needs and shared interests with the development of activities and training to address issues, specifically around the promotion of emotional resilience, empathy and understanding underpinned by building peace & reconciliation in post conflict Ireland

We are especially for those whose experiences can be passed onto subsequent generations for the purpose of shared learning, building resilience and promoting positive relations.

You can see a list of our specific programmes so far that we have delivered to date here

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This project is supported the European Union's PEACE IV Programme, managed by the Special EU Programmes Body (SEUPB)

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