Mental Health Ambassadors 16+

What is it?

Mental Health Ambassador 6-week programme for 16-24 yr. olds aims to establish a network of volunteer ambassadors within education, youth and community settings to support people who are experiencing mental health problems by getting people talking about mental health more positively & removing stigma, raising awareness of mental health problems including signs & symptoms as well as promoting self-help strategies and sign posting.

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Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding common mental health issues experienced by young people
  • Identify and understand the skills to be a Mental Health Ambassador
  • Have an understanding of situations from others’ perspectives
  • Understanding ways to promote positive mental health
  • Identify words and language to promote empathy and understanding
  • Understanding and promoting the importance of self care
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Train the Facilitator Training

As part of this programme it is a mandatory requirement that key contacts of the above must also take part in our Train The Facilitator Training.

More information about Train the Facilitator can be found here 

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This project is supported the European Union's PEACE IV Programme, managed by the Special EU Programmes Body (SEUPB)

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