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Pupils from Enniskillen Royal Grammar School (ERGS) have created a wellbeing room in their school, after taking part in OUR Generation.

The students completed their Mental Health Ambassador training with a facilitator from Action Mental Health.

As part of their training, the students identified a need within their school, and with the help of a grant from the Education Authority were able to transform an old disused locker room into a safe space for students.

Erin Evans, is a year 14 pupil and one of the Mental health ambassadors who was involved in setting up the wellbeing room.

She explained how the wellbeing room came about.

“We always walked past this room and thought – there could be something done with this. As part of our training we were asked, ‘What was the change we wanted to see?’

“Eventually we thought – a wellness room – a space where if you feel overwhelmed, or need time out – it’s a space for you to come.”

Luke Smyton, aged 17, said that through taking part in the OUR Generation the pupils had learned lots of new skills such as how to talk to people when they’re feeling down.

He said: “I found that to be really beneficial, because it’s something that people don’t talk about enough. It can be ignored very easily but it plays such a big part in our lives.”

He added: “If everyone was able to talk openly it would solve a lot of problems, but unfortunately that’s not the case. The programmes that we have had are the start of opening up and talking about these things.”

Mrs H Kettyle, a Senior Teacher at ERGS said that they planned to open the Wellbeing room before school, at break and lunch time.

She said: “Mental Health Ambassadors will work with younger pupils in the school, to just be that kind person, or be that friend who is here to talk to.”

Mental Health Ambassadors 16+ is a 6-week programme for 16-24 year olds. It aims to establish a network of volunteer ambassadors within education, youth and community settings to support people who are experiencing mental health problems. The goal is to get people talking about mental health more positively, removing stigma, raising awareness of mental health problems, including signs and symptoms, as well as promoting self-help strategies and signposting.

For more information on Mental Health Ambassadors Programme, or to make an enquiry click here 


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