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As World Smile Day, World Teacher Day and World Mental Health Day all fall within 10 days of each other this year. OUR Generation decided to put together this short joke book, with our favourites jokes from the classroom in it.

But why a joke book?

Did you know that smiling and laughing have positive benefits to your well-being? It’s not just a non verbal cue that signals friendliness but it also creates a number of changes within your body without you being aware.

What changes?

Endorphins! Most people know now that endorphins give you that ‘buzz’ after you exercise. Endorphins are produced by your pituitary gland and central nervous system, they act on the opiate receptors in your brain. Long story short after some chemistry… they increase feelings of pleasure and well-being and also to reduce pain and discomfort.

That’s great… but how does smiling and laughing help?

Well… Endorphins are also released by the movements of the muscles in your face when smiling and laughing too! So, like with exercise, the more we stimulate our brain to release this hormone the more we feel happy and relaxed!

It also explains why sometimes laughing off the pain when you fall over actually works!

Anything else?

A good laugh can be a way to release  all sorts of emotions too. Smiling and laughing is seen as an attractive expression that results in making a person more approachable which makes interactions with others easier and enjoyable which also helps our wellbeing.

Check out the jokes below by clicking the image 🙂


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