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We did a program with Laura Doherty, we were with Laura Doherty for 5 weeks every Tuesday evening in W3 for an hour, from the dates 20th of October to the 24th of November, from this program we learned a lot and talked about peer mentoring and how to be a good peer mentor, she then talked to us about Mental health, how to deal with, how to keep yourself healthy, how to help someone with Mental health problems and how important it is. At this program Lura had done up a powerpoint, to present to us.

This program aims to build positive relations by developing ‘our generation’ emotional, resilience and understanding.

From this program I learned how important metal health is, and how you never know when someone is struggling with it because they might not show it.

From this programme there wouldn’t be much that I would change, maybe one thing would be to give out some sheets on how to keep our mental health healthy.

On the last day with Laura she brought in pizza for us all, which  was very nice of her.

We learned how to listen to each other and to be mindful of how others might feel. I learned to be more tolerant and patient and respect other people’s opinions even if they are not my opinions. I found this course very helpful and I feel I will use all of these tools all through lives when dealing with all types of people.


In this course we learned about how to mentor other younger people and how if they have someone that listens to them and is friendly they will feel more comfortable in school.

We also learned that if you’re going to mentor someone else about their mental health and school work you have to make sure that you aren’t struggling with your mental health or work.

I enjoyed the course, especially the pizza at the end!!

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